Bar and Bat Mitzvah Bands


Today’s LIVE Mitzvah Entertainment is a HYBRID of what Mom and Dad want and grew up with, coupled with what the kids are screaming for. Our bands are truly a combination of live musicians, MCs and a DJ. Seamless to most, band leaders can call songs from the bands top 100 list or without missing a beat – move right into songs that just hit the radio last week. Of course seeing is believing, and we really encourage you to bring both parents, the kids and even a few friends to our LIVE Band showcases before you put a contract on anything, Live bands from The Philly Event Group are as current, hot and exciting as they have ever been.
To adults it’s called a BAND, to the kids it’s called a DJ with LIVE musicians.

Nothing will ever top the interaction and excitement of LIVE MUSICIANs at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

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