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“Many wedding photographers think our business is a high stress and pressured job. To me it is simply what I was meant to do and love every moment I’m allowed to do it.”JACK_12.2013 lo

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The majority of my clients come to me by referral from past clients or from clients using the incredible musical acts from The Philly Event Group and want to be sure their photographer will know how to work well with the Band or DJ. Either way, I’m supported by an incredible production team, corral of photographers, a wife and two kids that understand that there is absolutely nothing more important to me than giving a bride and groom their perfect dream wedding day experience.”

Q: What I’m most proud of ? A: Many of my professional peers are my former employees and students.

Q: How can I offer so much at such a good price? A: Simple, I’m not a one-man-show. Philly Event Group has such a great wedding team and is so well known and trusted in the industry, I don’t have to spend tons of money on marketing to find new business and clients. 

Q: Is Video dead? A: NO WAY! Videography or as many are calling it today – Cinematography is better and stronger than ever! The invention of cross-over DSLR’s (digital cameras that can shoot both HD Video and Hi-Resolution Photos) has brought the photo/video worlds closer than ever. More than 60% of the weddings I’ve been a part of in the past two years have been cinematic packages combining photography and video together.

Q: The Future? A: From where I’m sitting, it’s getting brighter everyday, and I’ve never been more excited. My wife Monica is doing the best work of her career, my son David is following in my foot steps, and the photo/video pool of talent we have at PEG has NEVER been better!

Q: My Dream? A: To bring my love and passion for wedding photography and videography to you and your family. It would be my honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to meet with you and learn about your dreams of the perfect wedding day.

Q: What keeps me going? A: My wife and kids. They are the most important people in my life. What’s better is that I work with my wife Monica, my son David is following in my footsteps, and my daughter Deanna is now helping out on some of our photo novelties when her social schedule allows. Who could ask for more?


If you just got engaged, heard about me from a friend, or just got here from a web search, thank you in advance for the opportunity to be a part of your day. Please know that I do what I do because I simply love people and the excitement that every wedding day brings. I will do everything in my power to exceed your expectations, and create realities from your deepest and most intimate dreams. Enjoy my work, my bio, and please click or call to make an appointment for us to meet. 

My wedding collections are very simple and straight forward, they include everything from engagement photos to a bride’s brag book and a leather bound album that will be the envy of your family and friends. On your wedding day I will be with you from when you need me until you need me no more. I would love you to come into my studio as a couple and with however else is helping make the tough choices about your most emotional day. We will have a wonderful experience together.

Thanks again, JACK.

Michelle and Kevin – Chesapeake Hyatt – Cambridge, MD

Featuring: Mark Rivera Band

Keri and Matt - Woodend Nature Sanctuary - Bethesda, Maryland

Additional Photographer: Bill Millios

Featuring: ONYX

Susie and Jimmy – Woodmont Country Club – Rockville, Maryland

Additional Photographers: Bill Millios and Chris Burch

Featuring: Millennium

Stephanie and Grant – Oheb Shalom – Baltimore, MD

Entertainment: High Society – Shot with Monica Vidal – Catering: Alan Weiss


Hi – it’s our one week anniversary and I’m sorry that I did not email you sooner.  I can not thank you The Hartzman crew enough.   Your humor, organization, attention to detail and overall warmth helped to make our wedding perfect.   I felt like you were guests, not photographers.  Thank you for calming me down when needed and mainly thank you for capturing all the special moments throughout the entire day and night.   We are very excited to see all the pictures.  We’ll have to have you over for a glass of wine and a picture viewing session!

I really can not thank you enough. It was truly an amazing night.   We are still tired, exhausted and overwhelmed by the love, friendship and energy at our wedding. Thank you for being there to capture it all.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.  Speak to you soon.

Leslie & Scott

Hi Monica!  I just have to say that we LOVED working with all of you.  It was fun, easy and relaxed. We have a wonderful time.  You made it a perfect night.  Thank you for taking us to Dupont Circle too – That was a BLAST! We loved all of it.  We had a blast with you and Jack and Marc did a GREAT job as our DJ too. Hope you had a good time too even though it was work. It was perfect. Looking forward to seeing proofs whenever they are ready.  Hope you had a nice relaxing day today!

Thanks again for everything!  Thanks for keeping us relaxed and able to enjoy the night.

See you soon!


Good afternoon Jack and Monica,
Apologies for taking so long to do so, but Nate and I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for accomodating us on August 20th. We really appreciate all of your time, effort, and attention to detail on our special day. I have no doubt that the pictures will be every bit as wonderful as you were to us. Everyone, especially us, noticed and has since commented on your professionalism and the ease with which it was to work with you. My brothers, who LOATHE having their pictures taken, commented last night on how much they even liked working with you (MAJOR compliment). Mom’s mentioned how much she appreciated that even though I was the bride that day, how you took the time to notice things (e.g., her necklace) about her too, which equally made her feel special. Our wedding was absolutely the most magical day of my life and I’m still on cloud nine :) Thank you so much for capturing it for us. It’s a day that we will never forget.

Best wishes, Kate and Nate

Hi Jack and Monica,

Mansour and I have returned home from our honeymoon.  Maui is absolutely beautiful…..we had lots of fun and R&R.  I hope the two of you are doing well.  Our wedding was spectacular and we thoroughly enjoyed the photographers! People are still talking about it.  I’m sure the pictures and video are gorgeous; can’t wait to see them.

Let me know what the next step is and when we get to see your outstanding work.

All the best, Donna

Recipient of the 2011 ISES Gala Award for best team event, Jack Hartzman has more than 1000 weddings to his credit.

Rockville and Baltimore Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Philadelphia, New York City, Miami Beach, Orlando, Hawaii, Indianapolis, Chicago, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Diego, Aruba, Australia, Canada, Amsterdam and Israel – Just a few places Jack Hartzman has created and captured images.

Jack uses Canon Professional digital cameras and lenses for all assignments and events.

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