What are the main ingredients for a great Band?

Talent? Dynamic vocalists? A hot horn section? Try all three!

What are the main ingredients of a GREAT BAND?  Talent? Dynamic vocalists? Horn section?

Try all three!

High Society is a dual beltway local legend with unsurpassed vocalists and musicians.  Their immense talent allows the band to sound authentic playing  all types of music from Swing to 70’s-80’s Retro to today’s music.

Their sax player, who is also an excellent classical flautist, is part of their incredible versatility.  When partnered with the keyboardist, they play ceremonies and/or cocktail hour  with or without the addition of strings.

High Society has been described as Elegant, but fun, “Entertaining without being over-the-top” and “A band that appeals to guests from 12 to 82.”

High Society was honored to play both of President Bush’s official Inaugural Balls as well as many of the top Galas and social events in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Led by drummer Ken Stern for over 15 years, High Society really knows how to make a party flow. Ken’s experience and expertise allow him to work with you to make sure every aspect of the evening is coordinated, the music you want is played and that your expectations are exceeded.



High Society was really TERRIFIC!  They played soft jazz for the first couple of hours – which was really a hit – and then broke into dancing music for the last 2 hours.  If we have a holiday party next year, I will definitely want them again.  Please let them know that there were compliments all around!!! Many thanks and have a wonderful holiday season!



  1. High Society 06-13


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