Onyx has been the flagship entertainment group at The Philly Event Group for almost ten years and one of the hottest bands in the tri-state area
This is what you have been looking for!
Extraordinary style, depth of diversity and repertoire, ONYX will help run your event, keep the right pace, follow your schedule to a “T” and create a fantasy evening of excitement and GREAT MUSIC!Your dance floor will be packed and your guests will be in high spirits. Front line singers and back line musicians that will woo any audience with NON-STOP music for your entire event.
This 8 piece group of dynamic professionals have more 5 star reviews and on-hand client testimonials than we can list (but feel free to ask).
There is simply no other band anywhere with the depth of music, experience and know how to thrill your guests and leave them with better memories than ONYX.
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