With over 13 years of experience as a Special Event Entertainer, Angel Santiago, aka ‘MC Angel’ is a guarantee to please event goers of all kinds! As a trained Vocal Actor and Singer, Angel has mastered his tone and delivery to insure his voice cannot be ignored, which is key in keeping guests engaged and entertained.


There are many stages to an event and Angel has crafted his own methods for how to handle each one. He sets the appropriate mood for dinner with sophisticated distinction and the perfect music to match.  He comfortably motivates the crowd when it’s time to start the party and keeps the dance floor packed throughout your event.  Angel’s leadership and experience will ensure that your event runs flawlessly. If music selection is what you worry about, Angel knows better than most.  If a DJ only plays music he or she knows, they limit the diversity in music at almost every Gala or Corporate event. This is why Angel is always packaged with a top flight DJ who works closely with him throughout your event on music selection. Angel mingles with the crowd to take requests and the DJ mixes them for a non-stop party! It can be this simple!

For the last eight years, Angel has also been the Marketing Director for Washington Talent Agency.  He spends his weekdays at the main office in Rockville, MD to lead the charge for Washington Talent in its continuing efforts to remain the number one choice in the DMV for special event services.

Rockville is where he calls home with his beautiful wife and three young children. When not performing or parenting, Angel finds time to get involved in local area charities and organizations. You can catch Angel hosting many annual DMV area events including Angel’s brainchild in 2007 –  MCPS Back to School Fair. This single event is now the largest of its kind in the United States.  Several school systems around the country now host their own version of the original.

All you really need to know is that Angel has a passion for creating happiness in event goers of all kinds. If he can help to unite all in attendance, helping that moment live forever in the minds of all who celebrated, then he did his job and you look like a genius!


Call to set up your appointment to speak with Angel today!


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